June 28, 2012

  • Early Baby Days

    It’s hard to believe that Colton has been here for 11 weeks already.  He’s growing fast and really showing us his sweet easy going personality these past few weeks.  Since I am not a big newborn loving person, I am excited for the next phase of babyhood that we are entering. 

    Here’s a look at the early baby weeks and all the activities we’ve been a part of recently.

    Angela came to see Uncle Drew…or maybe she came to see Colton because he is pretty stinkin’ cute.

    This is back when Colton had bird legs.  He doesn’t suffer from that problem anymore. :)

    Crazy eyes!

    The ladies from church threw me a baby shower, and I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home for it!  Special thanks to Jackie, Wendy and Mom who did a lot of prep work!  Mom prepped my house by cleaning it, while Jackie and Wendy did the planning/decorating work.

    Blake’s contribution to the shower.

    Blake had a field trip to the local library and adjoining park in mid May so we joined his class at the park.

    Ginger, Shea, Papa Bruce and Gma Suzanne made it down for a quick weekend in May as well, and we had a lot of fun in a short amount of time!

    Busy with projects…

    Little brother snoozed through much of this.

    Mother’s Day Tea at preschool.

    Golf clinic out back.

    Someone snoozed through that too.

    Dane and Samantha came out for a visit in May too!

    I think Samantha and Angela took these pictures while I was feeding the baby.  They were great nannies for me in May.

    Eli turned one in May and celebrated with a grand party at the park.

    Alexandria hopped up to the next year of preschool.

    She managed to fall over during Hop-ups. :)  

    Last day of school!

    Tee ball games start.

    Fun Day at Ma’s house.

    Colton had to get some bottle practice before we went to Dawn’s wedding since I was *in* the wedding.

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