April 4, 2012

  • Tee Ball Practice

    And so the tee ball season (a.k.a. season of torture) begins again.  If you’ll recall from years past, this isn’t necessarily an area where Blake excels…or is even moderately interested.  But Matt is determined to bond with Blake over baseball, so we will give it another shot this year and see how it goes.  Blake does seem to be showing at least some small bit of interest in hitting this year, and he will play catch with Matt for a few minutes at a time. 

    Matt seems to think that if we had fewer toys, then Blake would be more interested in playing ball.  I’m fairly convinced that he’d rather play with sticks, dirt and rocks if we had fewer toys.  Actually, he plays with those things despite all the toys he has.  Alexandria, on the other hand, does like to play ball with Matt.  So maybe he will bond with her that way.  Either way, we have some entertaining tee ball practice photos.

    Power swing.

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