April 3, 2012

  • Buddies

    The kids have had so much outside time with their friends lately.  There’s something about being outside that makes everyone happier too.

    Alexandria got to meet some of her preschool buddies at the park for a playdate a couple of weeks ago.

    And then we got to meet up with some of my very first childhood friends in Brighton a few days after that. 

    The scene of the meet-up.

    The adults didn’t require nearly so many shots as the kids.  Julia and Gretchen were our neighbors in Brighton on Victor St. in the early 80s.  They now live in Wisconsin and Georgia, so when they meet in Brighton at Grandma Huebener’s house, I try to track them down.  So fun to catch up!

    Bonus–there are cows there!

    And then we headed to Papa and Ma’s house for a bit to play.

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