March 29, 2012

  • Early Spring

    Being outdoors has always been the great mood shifter at our house, for all of us.  So we have been thrilled with so many 70 and 80 degree days this WINTER.  Yes, technically, it was still winter while we were outside playing in our shorts and shirtsleeves. 

    My little girl is growing up too quickly!

    Also, growing up far too quickly for my liking.

    Quick, someoone freeze them at these ages!

  • Leprechaun Trap

    Blake had a homework assignment to make a leprechaun trap for school, so one Saturday afternoon, we set about our trap making.  And yes, we know that leprechauns aren't real. :)

    Blake had lots of ideas for this trap.

    Beginning of the bridge.

    Trapping assistant, Alexandria.

    After all that crafting we needed some fresh air...

    I found these treasures on my camera later in the week, as well.  I am pretty sure I know the camera man.

  • Children's Museum Birthday Party

    One of our sweet neighbor girls recently turned four, and we helped her celebrate at our local children's museum.

March 22, 2012

  • Papa and Ma's, Monkey Joe's, and a Phone Dump

    I have been working on Big Brother and Big Sister books for Blake and Alexandria, and one section needed some pictures of the kids doing what they love to do at Papa and Ma's house (where they will stay while I am at the hospital, if baby is born during spring break or a weekend).  If baby is born during the week, then Papa and Ma will be staying here and getting everyone to school, preschool, etc.

    As a reward for filling their Make-the-Right-Choice reward jar (thank you, Robin Huff, for sharing that great idea via Pinterest) the kids got to go to Monkey Joe's.

    And now for the many random phone pictures...

    Blake using his telescope by the front door to spy some planets.

    About two or three times a month I try to help out in Blake's classroom, and then I get to have lunch with him too. 

    I get to lunch with this sweetie every day. :)

    Alexandria (the princess) and her knights/protectors/guards at preschool.

    Five green and speckled frogs.

    Making a bonfire (not really) at preschool.

    Finally ordered some valances for the kitchen windows after having them bare for a good 18 months.

    About 32-33 weeks, I think.

    The their manly car.

March 20, 2012

  • We Had Company...and then My Camera Batteries Died

    Apparently, I was so excited for game night with Dace, Drew, Angela, Joshua and Connie that I forgot to charge my camera batteries.  I got just a few pictures taken before they croaked.

    I think Angela or Dace must've taken these WrestleMania shots.

    Guess you guys will have to come back for another game night when my camera is ready!

March 19, 2012

  • Baby's Beach Room

    The baby room has been completed for a couple of weeks now.  My Etsy crib set came in the mail and once we got that washed up, the room was finished.  I really love it!  And I guess that's good because I will probably be getting a whole lot of quality time in there in the coming couple of months.

    Hmmmm...I guess I hadn't put the crib skirt on just yet when I took these pictures.

March 18, 2012

  • Park FEBRUARY!

    I know I've raved about the awesomeness of this mild winter about a million times already, but seriously, the park in February.  Could this weather be any better? :)

    Matt and the kids actually rode their bikes/ran to the park while I finished cleaning up the kitchen.  And then I drove up there and met them.

    Making her specialty "pie soup". 

    So thankful for a nice mild winter!

  • Summer in Winter Party

    The Tutterows hosted their (now annual) Summer in Winter party at the end of February, and good times were had by all.

    The big girls.

    Decor provided by Lana. 

    I really wish I'd taken a picture of the Fruit Pizza bar.  Next time.

    Since attending the party, Alexandria has decided she'd really like to get a pair of slippers like Lana's.

    The girls enjoyed a quieter, calmer time in Lana's room.

    The boys, however, enjoyed more raucous activity in the basement. 

    And there were adults there too...

March 16, 2012

  • I Thought I Was Caught Up On Blogging...I Was Wrong

    As I was sorting through my pictures on here, I realized that while I have been blogging regularly, I am still a month behind.  Time to rectify that.

    Writing out Valentine cards for his classmates.

    It's been pretty warm out so Valentine sprinkled ice cream seemed appropriate.  And I'm pregnant, so ice cream always seems appropriate. :)

    I was in charge of Blake's Valentine party, so we had lots of fun Valentine games to play.

    Throw the giant marshmallow into the heart shaped bowls.  Clever name, right?

    Cupid's Arrow.  Blow a Q-tip through a straw and land it on the plates.

    Blake is now in love with Angry Birds (he gets about ten minutes a day with them).

    Alexandria is eating her Valentine ice cream treat from Papa Bruce and Gma Suzanne. 

    And Blake enjoyed his as well.

    I'm quite sure this is the best Winter weather we have ever had.  So many playing outside days!

    The fresh air is ever so good for the natives (and their momma).

    Packages from Iowa!

    Thanks, Harveys!

    And now for a scene from one of the plays that the kids performed for us.

    Some living room bench presses and airplanes...

    A few random phone pictures...

    Our afternoon at the Children's Museum with the Anderson clan.

    I have no idea why some of these pictures won't rotate correctly.

    30 weeks pregnant, I think.  My 34.5 weeks belly seems much bigger, if that's possible.

    More blogging to come.  So close to closing out the February pics.

March 15, 2012

  • Winter Accessories Model

    Even though we've barely needed our winter time accessories, the kids have enjoyed dressing up with them.

    Dorothy shoes go with everything, right?