Month: October 2011

  • Oudoor Weddings

    I am a big fan of outdoor weddings...perhaps that's why Blake decided to have his second outdoor wedding of the year this Fall.  Shortly after the informal ceremony all of the kids decided that we needed some official wedding photographs, so I took on that job.

    The happy couple.

    Posing with all of their bridesmaids.

    It was a joyous celebration. :)

  • Ma's Pumpkin Patch and Some Well Traveled Birthday Gifts

    In late September the kids got to pick their pumpkins from Ma's pumpkin stash in her garden.  And so far that's the closest we've come to getting to the pumpkin patch this Fall. 

    Before they started out to the garden both kids had a pumpkin goal in mind.  Blake was looking for the biggest pumpkin in the patch, while Alexandria was looking for the smallest.  Both were successful.

    Giving it the old foot test...

    Not sure what this pose is all about.

    Fake smile.

    Blake's pumpkin required some work.

    And also that weekend...Dawn and Matt were here for a visit/Cardinals game, and Dawn brought Blake his birthday gifts.

    Alexandria calls these Blakes' CD glasses. :)

  • Fall Festival

    Blake's school hosted a Fall Festival on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in September, and the whole family enjoyed our time there.

    Alexandria won the very first game she played!

    There were several bounce houses for the kids to play on.

    And FREE cotton candy!

    Lots of guy time.


    Fun times on the playground.

    TONS of fun games for the kids.

    Lots of candy!

    And a prize table!

    There was also a pretty great silent auction that the Harveys fully supported.  Mental note: Matt and I should never get separate bidding numbers.  We end up with way too much stuff!  My biggest prize was Blake's class quilt.  Each student made their own little quilt square and some skilled mom/grandma quilted them all together.  I will have to get a picture of Blake holding it sometime.  He and I were equally thrilled that I won it.  Matt was sure to remind me that I would probably have to purchase another class quilt in two years when Alexandria starts Kindergarten.

    And while I was paying for all of our auction items, Matt was playing with the kids in their "secret garden" spot that they were very eager to show me.

  • Plan B

    Last month Matt and Blake set off for a fun Friday nightadventure to the Forest Park Balloon Glow.  It takes place the nightbefore the Forest Park Balloon Races, and showcases many of the balloons. Every few minutes the balloons, that are located on Central Field, light up and"glow".  It really is a neat event, but it is a super crowdedaffair.  We've been before, and in my early pregnant/easily fatigued stateI knew that I wasn't up for it.  Alexandria said she'd just rather stayhome and watch a Barbie movie with Mom, so the boys headed off on theiradventure, only to get caught in over an hour of traffic.  Once they didget to Forest Park, they couldn't find a parking spot ANYWHERE, and FP is apretty huge place. 

    That's when Matt proposed a Plan B for Blake, a little field trip downtown toMatt's office.  Blake was disappointed, but he did enjoy the consolationprize.




    Don't mind the mess on Matt's desk--it always looks like that.  He and I have differing organizational strategies. :)

  • Spirit Week

    In mid-September Blake participated in his first ever Spirit Week at school.  He really got into it!

    Mismatch Monday.

    Tuesday was Twinkie Day, and we didn't happen to think about coordinating with a friend, so he just wore his regular clothes that day.

    Crazy Hair Wednesday.  Blake's hair is really short, so a wig was the best we could do.  Thanks to our neighbors for letting us borrow the fro!

    His favorite day was Pajama Day.

    And Friday was School/Team spirit day, so Blake wore his brand new Mighty Miners t-shirt that we ordered from the PTO.  He loves it!

    And this is just a hilarious bonus picture from the week.  One of our neighbor girls had fallen and hurt her knee on the concrete, and then we see Blake running off into the house.  Moments later he returned in full doctor attire with all of his medical instruments, ready to care for the wounded neighbor girl.  It helped to heal her because we were all cracking up!

  • Apple Farm

    Alexandria's preschool class took a fun trip to a local apple farm a few weeks ago.  We have been on this field trip two times before with Blake's preschool classes, and it felt really weird to be there with just one child.

    Back when my regular jeans still fit me...seems like ages ago. :)

    Mr. Mills showing us how to properly pick the apples.

    Apparently it was a great year for the apples. 

    Learning how apple cider is made.

  • Flowers in the Church Field

    We have a field right next to the church building, that I think is even owned by the congregation, but a neighboring farmer takes care of it for us.  And somehow I have never, not even once, noticed how pretty it is in the Fall.  Alexandria noticed though.

    This girl is like moth to a flame with flowers and the color purple.  You can't keep her away.

    Almost time for church to start!

  • Adam and Kayla's Wedding

    Our final wedding of the year this year was a beautiful Fall wedding.  I really loved the colors for this wedding, and we knew Vicki would outdo herself with the decorating, and she really did.  Unfortunately I was too busy with the kids to get many pictures. 

    Kayla wasn't trying to get away from Adam here, just the smoke from the candle. :)

    This was after the wedding, and she wasn't really talking on the phone either.

    Alexandria took this one.

    And this one too, I think.

    Yep, those two also.

    Releasing the birds.

    The mints at the tables at the reception were tasty and cute!

  • Andrew's Birthday Party

    For a few years now we have been invited to our neighbor, Andrew's, birthday party, but for whatever reason we always had other things going on at the same time as the party.  But this year we finally made it, and the kids had a blast!

    Matt and Alexandria found the arcade games early in the day.

    It was a tricky place for getting the kids to hold still for photos. :)  

    The party people.

  • Random September Shots

    Here and there in September...

    In the Harvey household, we don't enjoy some of the luxuries of a dad who has a "normal" job with normal hours.  Matt works odd (long) hours, sometimes late nights, weekends, and doesn't have a regular schedule, and since we have never been used to a schedule like that, we don't think much of it.  There are plenty of cons that come with the irregular schedule, but here is one BIG BONUS.  Sometimes he gets to start his work day late and walk Blake to the bus stop, drive him to school or even be here when Blake gets off the bus (and shortly after Blake gets off the bus, Matt works from home).  I know Blake is especially thrilled with days like this.

    And in other randomness on this Monday, it rained in September and it had seemed like such a long time since it had rained that Alexandria could not wait to get outside and splash around in the puddles.