March 30, 2012

  • Joe Glik Park Day

    Park season is starting early this year!  One beautiful March afternoon we picked Blake up from school early and headed to the park for some scootering, bike riding, playing, roaming and rock throwing.  I mostly just supervised these activities, as I am no longer in  prime running around form.

    Checking out the fountain area.

    She takes her cycling very seriously.

    She likes to pretend this is her ice cream store.

    It was all fun and games until someone let their dog loose.  And that was just enough to freak the kids out and send them running back to me.

    The dog wasn’t chasing them at all, but you couldn’t have convinced these two otherwise.

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  • ….these kids are really growing up fast, I remember when Alexandria was so small that grandma had to look really hard to find her in her blanket in the pew in front of us…. ALmarIa…………. Boo!!!!! to Blake….

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