Month: November 2011

  • Senior Picture Day

    Obviously my kids aren't quite old enough for this monumental day yet, but my oldest nephew is!  The Hermons, half of the Harvs, and 2/3 of the Coopers spent an afternoon in Forest Park while Jackie took Niki's senior pictures.  I didn't photograph the star of the show, but I did get several shots of members of the senior picture posse.

    These two buddies didn't stray far from each other the whole weekend!

    Playing peek-a-boo with Isaiah just outside the zoo.

    Isaiah only fell a few hundred times going down the giant hill.  He took it really well, and just kept on getting up and moving himself on down.

    This is what we were rewarded with at the bottom of the hill.

    A couple of guys had these cool remote control boats in the water.

    Good times.  Lots more to come from this full weekend of fun.

  • Cookie Sprinklers

    Right before we headed out to Indiana for the Griffin's big hog roast we decorated some pumpkin cookies to take along for the ride.  And the kids had a great time dumping more sugar onto their sugar cookies.

  • Spooking the Neighbors and a Belly Update

    One of the October traditions for our neighborhood is "spooking" or "boo-ing" the neighbors.  So the kids were very excited to find Boo Bags outside our front door a few weeks ago, and they were equally excited to return the favor to other neighbors.

    They always like to try to guess who spooked us, and Blake guessed correctly this year.


    Getting ready to go spook Andrew and Lydia (I think they got caught).  You are supposed to ring the doorbell, lay down the Boo Bags and then go hide, but I'm not sure they moved fast enough.

    Also that night, Blake thought we should get a belly picture.  This was at about 13 or 14 weeks, I think.  I am 17 weeks now, and I definitely have more belly to show.

  • Tutterow Campout

    After much anticipation the night of the Tutterow campout arrived...

    Girl table.

    Roasting the hot dogs.

    If there was ever a question about Blake's whereabouts, I knew just where to track him the tree swing.

    The tree swing was a recent addition, and a huge success with all the kids.  Good work, Roy and Brandon!

    Getting ready for the bonfire.

    It was a pretty great bonfire!

    And later in the evening we watched a movie on Brad and Joy's big screen.

    The feature presentation was UP, which definitely made this pregnant mama cry a few times.

    Roasted marshmallows for dessert after the movie.

    About 10:30 Alexandria and I headed back to Dad and Mom's for the rest of the night, but Matt and Blake toughed it out in the cool overnight temps in the tent.

    While packing the car I forgot a major part of the tent--the poles--so Matt used some extra poles that Roy and Kathy had in their basement to keep the tent upright for the night.

    We enjoyed a yummy breakfast the following morning.

    Phoebe grew a tail. :)

    This is called a Super Swing.

    Thanks to the Tutterows for another great campout weekend!

  • Another October Day, Another Field Trip

    We piled a whole bunch of field trips into October!  Blake's second field trip of the year was a walking field trip to the nearby library and Yanda Family Log Cabin.

    The first activity at the library was learning how to square dance.  Some members of the high school drama club instructed the Kindergartners, and most of them did a pretty good job.

    Blake was a pretty good square dancing student.

    The bridge part of square dancing was everyone's favorite.

    After they mastered square dancing, they went into another room to make Native American headdresses.

    There was a bit of a rain delay, so Mrs. Self read the students a book.

    The Ms. Maggie from the library read them a book while they waited out the rain in the gazebo.

    Going on a bear hunt outside the cabin.

    A family of ten used to live in this space.

    These are the original floors.

  • Preschool Fire Station Field Trip

    The week after Blake's fire station field trip, Alexandria got to go on her very own fire station field trip to the Edwardsville fire station.

    Checking out the fire pole.

    None of the preschools tried this trick.

    The girls didn't quite know what to think of the firefighter clothes.

    And then it was everyone's favorite part of the day...spraying the fire hose!

    More field trip photos on the next post too.  Blake had another field trip the day after Alexandria's.

  • Corn Maze

    On Columbus Day Ma and our neighbors joined us for a fun morning at the Great Godfrey Corn Maze.  And when I wasn't getting after Blake to take turns and stop being bossy, we had a nice time...some of us did anyway.  Blake's major meltdown at the end of the day has clouded the fun of the day.  Seriously, it was that ugly.  Ask my mom. 

    Insert two big boys bullying Blake, Blake mouthing off to them and shaking his fists at them,  me trying to drag Blake away from two mean boys and Blake melting down here.  Followed by one very quick exit from the park.  Maybe he'll thank me later that he didn't get pounded on by two 9 year-olds.

  • Kindergarten Fire Station Field Trip

    Blake had his first field trip in October, and I was able to come along for the fun.  I thought all of the Kindergarten classes did a really nice job.  It probably helped that it was a walking field trip so they had burned off a little energy by the time they arrived at the fire station.

  • The Nina and the Pinta

    In early October we spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Grafton, dining outside and checking out replicas of the the Nina and the Pinta. 

    This was actually before church on Sunday morning. 

    Waiting for our lunch at Mississippi Half Step.  Good recommendation from Drew.

    I think the fire extinguisher is an update.

    I forgot to pack a more casual shoe for Blake, but he was a good sport about this look.

    A pirate ship cruised by and launched a couple of cannons (Nerf footballs) onto our ship.

    It's amazing how small these ships were and how far they came with about 25-30 people on them. 

    The drive back was really pretty along the bluffs.

  • Rangefest

    Just one month and one day after Rangefest, I present my pictures from the day.  Oddly enough, I think it is going to be far warmer today (high of 71) than it was on the first of October.

    My camera missed the moment where Silas and Olivia were feeding each other.  It was pretty cute.

    In case the pictures don't fully capture it, the kids had a GREAT time.  They ran all over the playground for hours with their friends.

    The highlight of the day for Alexandria was when Avaryn showed up. 

    They had a nice little hug here that I missed.

    Oh yeah, there was plenty of football being played, but it was nowhere near the playground, so my camera didn't get over there.  The kids weren't one bit interested in going to watch football when there was a playground to be played on.